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How to Start Freelance Business?

When a person pursues makeup artist as a career, the first thing that comes to our mind is freelancing. A freelance makeup artist is very much desirable and why wouldn’t it be? You can set your own work hours, pay rate, clients, and everything else. You get what you are worth, both fame and money. With all these perks why wouldn’t a person love it?! But the truth is getting those jobs is as difficult as desirable it is, because there are so many fresh talents looking for the same work as you. But there is nothing to worry about, every coin has two sides, hence with the pros comes the cons. Therefore, NGA has come up with a step-by-step guide for all those people who wants to start a freelance business.

  1. Training: 

First thing first, complete your course as a professional makeup artist, get that certificate, and get started. Take internships, assist professionals, work at retail counters; these are the best options to sharpen your skills and practice. You learn a lot about the practical areas of the business, you learn about tools, you pick people’s tricks and techniques.

  1. Flaunt That Certificate:

Once you are don’t with the training and practicing the basic skills, flaunt that certificate of yours. Never be shy of putting your talent on display. Talk to people about what you do and where you have taken the course from, your skills, etc. be proud of the efforts you put into it.

  1. Networking And Marketing:

When you talk to people about your work, you market yourself. Do that more often. People can only reach you when they know about you. Make sure to request your clients to give reference to other people, use online platforms to connect with the people. There are so many options available today to publicize yourself. Build good relations with your clients, talk to them. 

  1. Portfolio:

As a freelancer, keeping track of your work is very important. You have to have photographs of the client you have previously worked on. It is proof of your talent, it is the basis on which you will get your clients and show them your skills.

  1. Plan Your Business:

This is a very important aspect in any business, you need to know the cost involved, maintain accounting, know your financial position, inventory, ongoing expenses, target market, how much you are going to charge your customers, profitability, etc. once you have made up your mind you need to figure all of these things.

  1. Build Your Kit : 

Makeup kit is the most prized possession of a makeup artist. A good makeup artist knows about his/ her tools. What, when, and how to use them. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you will know there are so many things that you need to do to make up professionally, depending upon the project. Organizing your kit is an excellent step you can take; you don’t want your clients to find you unprepared. You need to keep in mind the cost too, it isn’t necessary to buy everything high end. There are so many good drugstore brands available out there. Explore them and choose wisely.

  1. Others:
  • Good communication skills, professionalism, organization skills.
  • Consider app services, you can develop your app and ask your clients book appointments through it.
  • USP (Unique selling point), tells your customers what is it that you are providing and not your competitors.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and makeup looks.

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